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Service Menu Edit

To open the service menu, enter the regular menu, press and hold the "ENTER" button and then press "DEGAUSS". Exit the service menu by pressing the input button for the current input. Once you open the service menu, pressing the current input button will toggle the service menu on and off regardless of input.

This monitor immediately saves any changes to the service menu, and does not require a separate "save" action. Be warned, and take photos of ALL service menu options before changing any.

Known Quirks Edit

Internally generated text (such as when you adjust a parameter in the menu) is very distorted at the top of the screen. This appears to be the case on all units, as every L2 owner asked reports the same thing.

You can FIX IT !

HINT: Service menu -> DEF -> Raster H -> H. Position = 86.

Menu Quirk Example
14l2 quirk

If the menu or other onscreen display fails to appear on certain inputs, or appears in underscan but not regular scan, your deflection settings in the service menu may be at fault. You can try adjusting the MENU DOTCLOCK setting, which may resolve the issue temporarily, but the monitor may not save this value (unlike all the other ones), so it's only a temporary solution. You will instead have to find a combination of deflection settings that does not cause the problem, so you may have to choose between which setting you want to be correct.