Sony PVM CRT Monitors Wikia

The goal is to group similar models together at the page level, so multiple monitors in this list may link to the same page (for example, the PVM-14L2 and the PVM-20L2 are very similar, share similar specifications apart from size, and link to the same page).

Models with a * after their name do not have RGB inputs, and as such are less desirable for retro gaming, but will still do a better job at Composite and S-Video formats than consumer monitors.

This list is not yet complete and for this reason it is possible that the * is missing after a few monitors that do not have an RGB input. Be sure and double check before buying a new monitor. If you find a missing * , feel free to correct it, thanks!

This list is mostly focused on, but not limited to, monitors that are useful for retro gaming.

Model Series[]

The first two symbols in the model name vaguely indicate the diagonal display size, e.g. 14 for 14 inches. The second two symbols indicate which series the monitor belongs to, as per this table:

Series Meaning
30 Early to mid 1980s
40 Late 1980s to early 1990s
50 Mid 1990s
M Late 1990s
L Early 2000s

Model Number Suffixes[]

Many models have various suffixes that can be appended to their names to denote a region or other attribute. Some variants of monitors (such as the NTSC versus PAL versions) are still considered to be in the same series, while some variants (such as the medical versions) are considered distinct models. This should not be confused with the series letter: the PVM-14M2 denotes that it is in the M series, not that it is a 220v model.

Suffix Meaning
U United States
E Europe
A Australia
J Japan
M 220-240 Volt
Q Multistandard support (NTSC and PAL)
MD Medical
W Widescreen (16:9)


  • PVM-411* (four 4" PVMs)
  • PVM-4B1* (four 4" PVMs)


6" Tube (viewable area often 5")


9" Tube (viewable area often 8")


  • PVM-1201
  • PVM-1220*
  • PVM-1271Q


14" Tube (viewable area often 13")


20" Tube (viewable area often 19")

  • BVM-1910
  • BVM-1911
  • BVM-2011P (PAL version of BVM-1911)
  • BVM-1915
  • BVM-1916
  • BVM-2016P (PAL version of BVM-1916)
  • BVM-2010 (PAL version of BVM-1910)
  • BVM-2010P
  • BVM-2015
  • BVM-2015P
  • BVM-20E1U
  • BVM-20F1E
  • BVM-20F1U
  • BVM-20G1U
  • BVM-A20F1U
  • BVM-D20F1U
  • Olympus OEV-202 (=PVM-1953MD)
  • Olympus OEV-203 (=PVM-20M2MD)
  • PVM-1942Q
  • PVM-1943MD
  • PVM-1944Q
  • PVM-1953MD
  • PVM-1952ST
  • PVM-1954Q
  • PVM-2030
  • PVM-2054QM
  • PVM-20L1*
  • PVM-20L2
  • PVM-20L2MD
  • PVM-20L4
  • PVM-20L5
  • PVM-20M2
  • PVM-20M2MD
  • PVM-20M4
  • PVM-20M7MD
  • PVM-20N1*
  • PVM-20N2
  • PVM-20N5*
  • PVM-20N6
  • PVM-20S1WA
  • PVM-20S1WU
  • PVM-2130Q
  • PVM-D20L5A
  • SSM-20N5 (Security Variant of PVM-20N5)


  • BVM-A24E1WU
  • BVM-D24E1WU
  • BVM-F24U


  • PVM-2530
  • PVM-2730Q (25" Version)


  • PVM-2730Q
  • PVM-2950Q
  • PVM-2950QM


  • PVM-3230
  • BVM-A32E1WU
  • BVM-D32E1WU